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The best way to get top quality results is to choose the right professional installation service provider. Flooring United connects you with expert installers who have years of experience installing hardwood, tile, carpet, and more. We offer fast service at discount rates for local homeowners in Charlotte area. Now any homeowner looking for reliable and affordable service can find everything they need to update their home. You can have new floors installed in any part of your home and still maintain your budget. Make an old interior look new again with help from the best local flooring professionals and get quality customer service around the clock.

What we offer you

It can seem like a tall order when you have a large job to complete, such as a whole home floor installation. Having a capable team by your side is important when you have limited time and money to work with. That is where our experts come in! Our installers can cut large projects down to size using their years of experience and up-to-date tools and methods. The best part is that you can get top-rated results at a reasonable price without looking past your local area. You can request installation for a range of flooring materials, from carpet and tile to hardwood and laminate. Working with Flooring United allows you to take advantage of the following resources:

  • Consultations at Home. When you have a tight schedule, rushing around for appointments can be a nightmare. Flooring United offers in-home consultations to give you a convenient way to meet with professionals and work out the details of your project. We can recommend services to go along with your installation and discuss long-term maintenance for your floors. You can also ask questions and request more information about our business or the products that you have selected.

  • Flooring Inspections. Some companies might finish the installation and never look back. You deserve the best results, and to us, that means quality inspection before and after installation. We check the quality of the flooring material used, the subfloor, and the general conditions of the installation site. This allows us to make a customized plan so that your home flooring gets the treatment it needs. Any repairs or replacements will need to be taken care of before installation. We also inspect the work that our floor installers do once the job is complete to make sure that your floors look perfect.

  • Ongoing Customer Support. When you need help, it is easy to get in touch with our consultants. Simply call our store to speak with a friendly expert or message us online. You can also look online to find a store near you in Charlotte area. Top-quality customer service is always offered to our customers. Ask questions or find helpful tips on how to make your installation project a success.

All it takes to have your home flooring installed is a quick chat with one of our customer consultants. Call today for a quote or to request an in-home consultation. Flooring United offers the finest home flooring installation service for hardwood, tile, carpet, and more!



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Commercial floor installation

Part of running a successful business is being able to make a good first impression on customers who walk through your doors. An office or store must look good to attract new customers and keep existing customers interested. Choosing the perfect floor that fits your business design and needs is important for this reason. Flooring United provides Charlotte area business owners affordable flooring installation with high quality products and services. This allows business owners trying to improve their store and office locations to have their floors installed while staying within their budget.

Commercial installation offers the professional results that customers want in less time than non-professional or standard installation. We provide special service for busy business owners who need to have their commercial spaces up and running. Requesting an appointment and quote is fast and easy. Read on to learn more about the benefits of choosing commercial installation in the Charlotte area.

Commercial installation benefits

A do-it-yourself installation can seem like a tempting idea, even if you have never tried it before. This might seem like a money-saving solution, but the reality is very different. Remodeling customers who attempt to install their flooring themselves run into a number of problems. For one, time is an issue when you have a busy commercial space to run. Another concern is that the installation might not be done properly. Over time, a bad installation can create more problems, from expensive repairs to replacing the floors altogether. The best way to avoid a headache and a big bill is to trust your business flooring to the professionals. When you choose Flooring United, expect:

Faster Installation Times. Our licensed and insured installers can work with a variety of flooring types. More importantly, they can install your floors fast. This is important for business owners who want to keep things running smoothly. You don’t want to have to shut your doors for a minute longer than you have to. We keep your business running and make sure to leave your commercial space clean and finished after installation.

Quality Results. We guarantee satisfaction on all of our commercial installation work. Business owners deserve to know that their hard-earned money is being honored with hard work. Your commercial space will get the highest quality professional flooring results possible. If you are not satisfied for any reason, let us know. We will do our best to give you the flooring results that you want.

Top-Notch Customer Service. Every customer deserves to feel welcome and taken care of. All of our employees, from our customer service reps to our flooring installers, provide great customer service. You will always be treated with respect. You can have questions answered in person, by phone, or online through email. We are here to provide service to you with a smile.

Improving your business’ flooring doesn’t have to be expensive. Get quality commercial flooring installation at low prices every day in Charlotte area by choosing Flooring United. Call today for an estimate or meet with one of our experts for a detailed consultation.