Career opportunities


Opportunity is knocking at Flooring United


If you are looking for a job when you grow up, we encourage you to consider Flooring United; we have a lot to offer. Most people make career decisions based on income, personal time, work environment and, most importantly, empowerment. Today’s worker wants to decide when they work, who they will work with, and how much they will get paid. Typically, you have to operate your own business, with the risk of investment and overhead, to have control over your employment. At Flooring United, we offer Co-Op freedom, Co-Op value and a competition-breaking Co-Op advantage.


All opportunity without risk

Flooring United is an operational support center from which many professionals conduct business. The Co-Op (Flooring United) provides its members with a showroom, warehouse, support staff, advertising and mill direct accounts. The member pays for the expense by assigning a small portion of their sale to the co-op. The advantages are clear and upfront… No long term obligations, and a shared operation cost that gives members a distinct advantage over their competitors.

Why should you consider a career in the flooring industry?

The flooring industry is part of the booming home improvement industry that is predicted to have steady growth for decades. Annually, $708 million are spent on flooring alone in the Charlotte area. Almost everyone you meet is a customer. At Flooring United, we have had installations from a $250.00 residential to an $800,000.00 apartment complex upgrade. You will be able to assist most customers with their flooring needs. Plus, you will be operating at such a low cost, you can truly expect to sell to almost every customer you meet .Your personal skills and ability will make the difference.

Who should apply?

If you have a flooring sales, home improvement, or design background, you should do well with us, but experience is not necessary. We are looking for people who are ambitious, have a customer service mind-set, and believe in themselves.

Positions available with our co-op

Salesman: Check out our aggressive commission scale and upscale clientele. Broker: Self-employment has never been so easy. Want a six-figure income? You won’t believe how easy that is, too. Initial investment of only $9,900.00. Authorized Dealer: Want to add flooring sales to your existing business? Or don’t have time to learn a new business? Check out our dealer program. We can have you in business and add big profits to your bottom line in less than a week! Initial investment of only $500.00 is required.