Dustless sanding


Dustless sanding pros and cons

Even homeowners with hardwood flooring may not have heard of dustless sanding. This refinishing service at Flooring United is a low-cost alternative to refinishing your hardwood flooring. This process can make your floors look new again so you don’t have to replace them for another few years.

First off, what exactly does dustless sanding entail? Instead of having someone come in and strip and refinish your hardwood flooring (which can be costly and time-consuming), one of our technicians will use a machine to scuff the floor lightly and then add a chemical to the floor. After that a new top coat is applied and the job is done.

Like anything, there are pros and cons. Let’s start off with some of the benefits of going the dustless sanding route over the traditional refinishing option.

  • Cost. Dustless sanding is much less expensive than doing the traditional refinishing process.

  • Time of project. Most homeowners can’t shut down part of their home for multiple days to get the floors refinished. The same can be said for offices. Neither the home or office has to be vacated during this process. Dustless sanding can be done in one day.

  • Allergies. Like the name says, dustless sanding doesn’t produce as much dust as a traditional refinish job. That means less dust particles floating around in the air. However, it won’t be 100 percent dust free, but this option is a good one for allergy suffers.

Here are a few cons regarding dustless sanding.

  • Life of the floor. While dustless sanding will make your floor look new again, it will also reduce the life of your hardwood floor. Hardwood floors, if taken care of properly, can last a very long time. Sanding your floors can last 10-20 years if done correctly.

  • Type of hardwood. Before proceeding with this process, homeowners should have one of our professionals take a look at the floor in question to make sure it can be repaired. Unfortunately not all hardwood floors can be successfully repaired. If the floors has too much damage and is beyond saving either the more traditional refinishing or purchasing new flooring altogether would be required.

Homeowners in don’t have to look any further than to Flooring United for their dustless sanding needs. Our professionals do this service themselves as we do not hire a third party. If you stick with us this is a stress-free process and one that will leave your hardwood floors looking great.

Contact us at (704) 737-5222 today to schedule an appointment or to get more information on dustless sanding. It is time to do something about your hardwood floor and Flooring United is ready to help you out.



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